About Us

Twyford School is located 5 min West of Hastings in the rural orchard area of the Twyford Community. We are a full primary school teaching Year 0 to Year 8 students.

Our Mission


This looks likeā€¦..

Our school is a friendly, enjoyable, positive experience for staff and students.

Our school offers a point of difference within our community through our values and culture.

Our staff and students have a right to a safe physical and emotional working and learning environment.

Our school environment is both nurturing and challenging - academically, physically and socially.

Our students and staff are catered for according to needs to achieve their potential.

Our parents, whanau and community are involved, supported and informed.

Our learning community supports one another to be confident, connected, life-long learners.

Our diversity of culture, skills and knowledge are valued and embraced.


There is a high level of community involvement at school. Parents like to help in many ways like student Reading, class trips, camps, sports coaching and support. We are also fortunate to have a supportive fundraising committee who over the years have provided many additional resources for the benefit of Twyford students.

Education Review Office (ERO)

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Annual Report (2022): Click here