Intermediate Years 7 & 8

A unique aspect of Twyford School are the intermediate years.  We offer a fantastic alternative to large intermediates.  Small class sizes and a dedication to two more years of learning set our students up for a seamless and well prepared transition to high school.

Developing our emerging adolescents as leaders is a key area our school targets.  They receive many opportunities to develop these skills.  We are committed to providing wide and varied opportunities, real leadership development and practice.  We offer a range of opportunties for all students whilst not compromising teaching and learning as our main goal.


We provide a balanced curriculum ensuring:

  • Commitment to literacy and numeracy
  • Exceptional teachers
  • Personalised learning
  • Challenge and Extension
  • A safe environment where risk taking is encouraged
  • A high level of student accountability and responsibility
  • A high level of achievement
  • Students are prepared for high school transition
  • Diverse learning experiences matched with small class sizes
  • Utilising outside expertise to foster achievement

Leadership and Role Modelling

Our Year 7/8 students are our school leaders.  Each is expected to lead by example.  All are given coaching and support helping to develop leadership skills. 

Leadership Opportunities include:

  • Year 8 Leaders
  • Lead of School Council
  • School Council
  • House Leaders
  • Leadership and Careers Camp
  • NYLD Conference
  • Regional Leadership Conference
  • PAL's Programme
  • Peer Supervision


Our intermediate students have acces to 1 to 1 devices.  We use a combination of iPads and Chromebooks to enhance the curriculum.  We use a blended programme which means we use school books and digital means together. Students access and plan their learning through school managed Google accounts and our class website to develop learner agency and organisational skills in preparation for high school. 

Enrichment and Extension

We provide a number of enrichment and extension opportunties for students.  

  • STEAM Extension at local high schools
  • Debating
  • Otago Problem Solving
  • ICAS Exams
  • HB Mathletics
  • Life Ed Trust Cooking competition
  • HB Science Fair Technology Challenge

Education for Sustainability

As part of life-long learning our students are encouraged to support natural ecological development.  As part of an ongoing sustainability project our students plant, maintain and preserve vegetable gardens at Te Aranga Marae in Year 6. The continuation of this is the intermediate students taking responsibility for growing native plants from seed in the school shade house for the regeneration of the Maraetotara River in conjunction with the Maraetotara Tree Trust.